I’m Grace.

I follow Jesus.

I am God’s daughter.

I am racially biracial, ethnically & culturally black & proud.

I am newly married to a beautiful soul & my bestest friend.

I am a boymama with 2 amazing sons & gifted with a bonus daughter.

I am survivor of childhood sexual abuse + home turbulence.

I’ve battled PMDD, depression, PTSD & PPD in some form or fashion for most of my adult life.

I am a racial & social justice advocate.

I am a writer. A few published Bible studies. A few published essays. One very unfinished, dusty memoir manuscript.

I am recovering from all manner of thing.

I am 38 & I am starting (just about everything) over.

I’m leaning in to God’s grace in ways I never knew possible.

I believe fiercely in grace, hope & advocacy.

I long for God’s shalom to cover every soul, every crevice, every fiber of this big blue marble.

I am graceward bound.


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