His Vows

My new husband is a poet.  A gifted poet.  Like, whoa. Last Christmas he surprised me with a unique Christmas gift: a 3 page letter. I was genuinely surprised & tickled. There wasn’t a gift he could have bought more precious than this window into his soul. It was of course, beautifully written, the consummate definition of a “love note.” Nearly 10 days letter, I finished up a letter in return. The pressure!

It was a complete no-brainer that we’d write our own wedding vows.

For weeks beforehand, I kept bugging him to no avail to give me a little taste of what was to come of his vows.

He was very, “girl, leave me alone talmbout ‘tell me yo vows’. No, ninja, no.”

They were worth the wait. I tearfully took in every word, though I’ll share just a few here…

DSC_0855…As I gathered my thoughts to place here what I would call my vows, I kept in mind the fact that they are just words, and you are flesh.  That you are worth more to me than any line, paragraph, poem or book…

DSC_0856...For you, I would make the world stand still to marvel at your beauty so that they may bear witness to the wonderful person that I am proud to call my friend and confidant. They would see why I love you so…

DSC_0850...I still don’t know what to make of you, exactly.  I never really expected such fortune, so I’m still sort of bewildered at this whole thing…

DSC_0857…there’s no script for life or love, so let’s write the words and read these pages together as we go…

:::: All images by Alfield Reeves Photography ::::


3 thoughts on “His Vows

  1. That last part
    “…there’s no script for life or love, so let’s write the words and read these pages together as we go…”

    That is so beautiful and so true. We’re still babies ha! in our marriage, just two years in, and i’m realizing every day how much I still have to learn about life.
    But those words just made me tear up. We’ve been through alot more than I thought the first two years would bring us..and trying to make it through infertility right now, and no one could have predicted this or prepared us.. But we’re figuring it out together and Somehow that is comforting.
    BEAUTIFUL pictures Grace 😊 it’s really “hope-giving” to look back to last spring when I met you and see how God has taken care of you😊


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